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Solar Power

How Solar Power Works

  • Solar panels capture sun and convert them into direct current (DC) power
  • Inverter converts DC power to Alternate Current (AC) suitable to power your house\factory
  • Inverter distributes power from the solar panels and grid depending on the type of system chosen
  • Inverter stores power in the battery for use when there is no sun
  • At night inverter channels power from the battery to light essential load or full load depending on set up and type of inverter

Steps to install solar

  • Contact Anchor Solar for a free analysis of power usage in your facility
  • Comphrehensive list of your power needs
  • Advice on simple solutions to turn your power usage into an energy efficient facility
  • Choosing system type whether its off-grid, grid-tied or hybrid
  • Recommendation on solar equipment and accessories
  • Raising finance for the transaction
  • Sending installers
  • System switch on

Installing Solar